Smart Lighting

Just Light envisions a future of smart buildings. To this end, Just Light integrates the most intelligent lighting control system with IoT architecture and LED lighting solutions. This solution helps our customers monitor and control their lighting systems with a combination of smart sensors, and allows them to better understand their energy usage via the Cloud, cut down their energy costs by up to 50-90%, and achieve better energy optimization.


Just Light’s smart sensor allows for LED lighting control through motion and sends out a signal when people or objects approach. When applied in a lighting solution, the lights will only dim down when the system doesn’t detect anything. Therefore, our system provides the highest energy safety efficiency without compromising safety. You can set the level of brightness when lights are idle or upon the detection of movement, which can save more energy depending on the settings. These features can dramatically improve energy efficiency.


An infrared sensor is used to identify body temperature so that we can have the most accurate and up-to-date information on the occupancy in a room. Lights are turned on when there are people in the room, and when the room is vacant the lights will dim down according to the brightness settings, thus resulting in significant energy savings. Additionally, the sensor can accurately identify a person’s body temperature and will not be confused by other sources of heat, to avoid triggering the lights if the heat is not coming from people. This allows the system to achieve the highest standard of energy saving.


Daylight Harvest Sensors detect the light level in an environment and adjust the brightness of lights accordingly.When used for indoor lighting, the brightness of interior lights will be adjusted according to the light level in an environment, thereby saving more energy. When applied to outdoor lighting, the lights will turn on or off depending on whether the sensors detect the light level as being below or above a certain threshold.

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