Just Light provides a variety of solar panel applications for the diverse needs of clients. Not only can users save money with a solar project, they can also send a strong message to the community to show that they are an environmental-friendly company. With the integration of an IoT platform, a client can easily monitor the status of the solar system using the same smart building IoT platform as the lighting and HVAC systems.


The cost of a solar system is not as expensive as widely believed. With various government financial support programs in place, users can expect a shorter return on your investment into your solar project. Moreover, the solar panels installed on a roof can isolate heat from the sun, greatly reducing interior temperature, thus achieving energy savings by reducing the load on the HVAC system.


Users not only save money by installing a solar system, they can also be a responsible member of the global community by becoming an environmentally conscious business with green culture in mind. This strong green culture will in turn help you build stronger relationships with the broader community and widen your possibilities in your business ventures.


The solar system’s daily and total accumulated energy generated is monitored. Furthermore, the status of panels, sunlight intensity and the hours of sunlight are logged and combined with the lighting and HVAC systems. Just Light provides a total energy solution that is easy to manage and easy to use.

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